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About Us


Is your bathroom missing something?

Everyone does it. It's nature's way of reminding us that we're all human. But what if you could take an ordinary part of your day and turn it into an amazing experience? VR Poop is the future of bathroom technology. We promise to offer you something you've never done before, pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible and giving you the best thing you never even knew you needed.


The throne of imagination

Have you ever wanted to do your business and take a vacation from the world at the same time? What if your bathroom became a sanctuary for your imagination enabling you to do things you never thought possible? Visit tranquil landscapes, conduct an orchestra, ride a raging roller coaster, or watch the world go by on a busy street. It's all within reach with VR Poop.


Help Make This Happen

This is only the beginning. We are launching a fundraising campaign to help bring VR Poop to the world. With your pledge, you are helping us to harness VR technology for what it was always meant for: giving you something interesting to do while you use the restroom. Check it out now!

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